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2016 Artist Application (Mandatory completion to participate in KAST)

2016 KAST Artist Guidelines

NEW KAST Steering Committee

Opportunities to lead KAST as shared artist partners


  • Marketing & Audience (2 artists): Work to develop event audience and assist in coordinating artist marketing efforts & ideas
  • Artist Recruitment (2 artist): Reach out to artist networks to increase local studio and artist participation in KAST.
  • Sponsorships/Community Partnerships (2 artist): Work with KAC to help increase community sponsors and partners, and coordinate artist efforts to raise funds & event awareness
  • Artist Activities (1 artist): Coordinate artist activities as needed such as Preparation Workshops, Artist Work-Days, Collaborative Marketing Efforts, etc.


  • Option of a 50% reduced application fee ($50 by January 31)
  • Acknowledgment in all KAST Materials
  • Leadership opportunity and engagement with the Kirkland community and businesses


  • Attend bi-monthly KAST meetings (dates tbd)
  • Complete tasks specific to the role
  • Facilitate clear and constructive communication between KAST Artists and KAC

KAST 2016 Q&A

  • Are we changing the geographic boundaries of KAST? Given your feedback, KAST will move forward without changing the tour’s regional boundaries. Artist studios located outside of the 3 mile radius of downtown may wish to take additional measures to bring tour visitors to their locations.

  • Is KAST still a “Studio Tour”? While we hope to have as many home and professional artist studios as possible, we do partner with local businesses to fill the gap of artists without spaces. In 2015, over 40 artists were featured in 21 sites: home studios, businesses and galleries. KAST is also open to local residents AND non-residents of Kirkland. We do this to be as inclusive as possible and encourage Eastside and regional artists to participate.

  • How can individual artist’s help improve KAST? As in prior years, KAST artists and studios commit to ALL the policies and responsibilities as described in the Artist Guidelines. This includes distribution of marketing materials, hanging day-of signage, finding Tour sponsors and advertisers, sending personal invitations to networks, attending KAST meetings and more. To encourage partnership and communication between the KAST artists and KAC, we are also creating a new KAST Steering Committee, where the artists will have a voice and participate in making the tour a success.  We strongly encourage new and returning KAST artists to consider this opportunity! (Added bonus: A 50% reduced application fee! See description above for details)

  • What does your application fee go towards? Your fees help cover the tour’s administrative & marketing costs. KAC was awarded a grant through the City of Kirkland’s Tourism Development Committee to help produce KAST, which covers only a portion of the tour’s marketing and administrative costs. Please contact Jenny Lee for a detailed description of the KAST 2016 projected income and expenses.